Thursday, April 19, 2012

Spring Update

So I've been holding off on writing this post for, oh about 5 weeks now. Not because it's a secret, but frankly I just haven't wanted to put it into writing.

But many of you already know: I'm not going to Olympic Trials. It was a very tough decision that went something like this:

In January, I started at Geneseo and MCC simultaneously with the goal of completing my undergraduate degree by December. I planned to hurry through my senior year because I'm 24, I'm sick of school, and I want to get back to full-time kayaking. School, for me, [perhaps unfortunately] has always felt like a means to eventually fund my athletic endeavors. I get annoyed that, in the meantime, it gets in the way of what I like to do.

A thousand assignments piled on top of my other responsibilities sent me into Total Stress Overload. I knew I had to make a decision. Focus on school, or focus on training?

A major factor in that decision was the reality of the situation: I was 7th at July's World Championships Team Trials, and there are only 2 potential Olympic spots qualified for US women. Will I get better? Of course, but probably not in 6 months. And although I'm in good shape, school was preventing me from getting on the water every day. In fact, school was preventing me from getting on the water more than twice a week. You can't go to Olympic Trials if you only kayak twice a week.

I know it was the right choice.

So what have I been doing the past 5 weeks instead of blogging? Mostly homework. A ^&$^#ton of homework: reading 3 books a week and cranking out papers like it's my job.

I also have been doing my best to get out with Nicole for a few workouts per week. She kicks my butt and reminds me how it's impossible to paddle fast in a boat unless you spend a lot of time in a boat. Nicole is my hometown girl. As I've said before, we started paddling at the same time, and paddled k2 together often. I'm really excited to see how she does at Olympic Trials this weekend, because she's been working so hard. She's going to PA school AND been training like an animal. I truly don't know how she does it!!!

Nicole and me racing at Empire State Games in 2002

Nicole and me paddling k2 a few weeks ago!


Anonymous said...

Saw your post on not going to trials. Like I said before without training how were you gonna compete! So how did the hometown girl Nicole end up doing? What spot was she in going to trials?

Emily said...

Hi anonymous,
Actually, at the time of your original comment, training was going great. It wasn't until my semester progressed that kayak training became more difficult. Thanks for the concern though.

Nicole placed 4th at trials in the 500m and 5th in the 200m. VERY proud of her!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Emily,

That is great about Nicole WOW!! Is she going for the 2016 trials for the Olympics? If she and is this good now, can not imagine what she is gonna be like in 4 years!!
That is so awesome for her.

Have you got back to training again or still focusing on cross fit more than kayaking?

Emily said...

Hi Anonymous,
I don't know the specifics of Nicole's plan for the next Olympic quad. But yes, I agree that she will be one of the top contenders if she keeps training through 2016!

As for myself, I've been back to paddling these past few weeks, and still a lot of crossfit. Yay summer!