Saturday, February 25, 2012

Third Installment of Crossfit

Here are some pictures from the third and final WNY Hammerhead Fitness Competition, which took place at Crossfit Dewitt.

The first workout contained:
overhead carries at 105 pounds

25 pound plate push

Bar-hopping burpees

The second workout was rowing, 105lb push jerks, and 105lb front squats.

I managed to win the first workout and then come in last place in the second workout. Oops. (Front squats are no match for kayaker legs!) But I did hang on for third place overall in the series.

Best of all, I won a shiny new kettlebell from Hammerhead Fitness!! Should I paint it pink?

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Anonymous said...

Should you paint it pink... Why is that even a question? I just assumed it would be painted pink.