Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Erg Workout

Videos from an erg workout today

More are available on my youtube channel but I imagine they're not too interesting to anyone but Mags and me :)


Anonymous said...

does that erg tell you how much watts of power you generate on each stroke?
in Europe, they have erg competitions. Check out dansprint I believe it is.
That would be interesting

thanks for posting

Anonymous said...

your technique actually look like it got better as you went along. if you could video tape it from side view and then superimpose the erg video with your on-water video, you can see how well the two correlates
Im sure Mac and the boys have that software to superimpose
interesting posting

Emily said...

Hi Anonymous,
It's a Dansprint erg, and yes, it does tell watts. The erg is such a great workout tool! I've seen pictures of the European erg races-- I hope we can do that in the US someday.

I think the software is called Dartfish. Great idea to superimpose the erg with on-water video. I'd also love to superimpose the best female paddlers on a video of my technique and see where my stroke differs.

Thanks for stopping by!