Friday, March 27, 2009

The steady grind

We are grinding through March: putting in many kilometers so that we can be among the best in the world. We are focused this year on making finals. (That means we want to place athletes in the top 9 in the three World Cups and also World Championships.)

March is certainly the most difficult and boring part of the year, but also the most important. The work we do now will pay off in August when we are competing for gold medals in Dartmouth, Novia Scotia.

Here are some photos from training during the past two weeks:

Me and Maia Farrar-Wellman

Katie Hagler, Maia Farrar-Wellman, Jen Burke, me

The whole team doing a workout. 9x 750meters, anyone?

Riding wash

Paddling with Arasay

Docking up for a water break

Notice my festive 4-leaf clover earrings. This one was taken on St. Patrick's Day.

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