Wednesday, March 19, 2008


Training people! The very definition of creatures of routine!!

All week, we work within the confines of a carefully-written program: for all intents and purposes, every day is the same[wake up, eat, practice, shower, eat, nap, eat, lift, paddle, shower, eat, sleep.] We complain about the routine when it gets monotonous, but in truth, we don't function very well without it; all week, we crave our Sunday off-day, but when it arrives, we're invariably bored out of our minds. Without workouts, the day is empty and drags on forever. I'm usually tired and grumpy and anxious for the day to be over. I feel restless, as if I'm wasting my time.

The same is true for our 4-week cycles, and because last week was "hard week," this week is "recovery week." As a special treat, we are allowed to travel this weekend for Easter. Most people have already left, and the lack of structure is already getting on my nerves.

Buuuuut part of me is still excited to hit the open road with country music and the wind in my hair. (Not kidding.) I'm going to take advantage of my short-lived freedom and go somewhere: probably skiing, hiking, or surfing... maybe a national park? Suggestions welcome.

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